Masturbation For Dummies

Fly solo

Find a time when you’re home alone and won’t be interrupted. Turn off the television and hide your phone; do whatever you normally do to help you relax. Maybe a leisurely bath or shower might help to get you more in the mood, or you could light a few candles and put on some soothing music. When you’re ready, lie down and make yourself comfortable; take a moment to center yourself and focus on your own breathing.

Butterfly touch

Using the lightest pressure, touch your face with your fingertips. Stroke your cheeks, draw your fingers across your forehead, rub your temples and massage your scalp. Make sure you take your time; pay attention to your breathing, to the feel of your skin and try to make your entire body go limp every time you exhale.



Using a firmer touch, move your hands up and down your arms, across your shoulders and behind your neck. Do you notice any muscle tension? Work on these areas for a little longer. Make sure you keep things varied by rubbing, stroking and kneading your muscles.

Get playful

Now you’re feeling more relaxed, move your hands towards your breasts. Cup them, stroke them and play with them. Apply featherlight pressure to your nipples, tracing the outline, before gently pinching and pulling on them.

Work your way down…

Continue working downwards, massaging your abdomen, hips and thighs. Make sure you take things slowly and keep your breathing slow and even.

and back up again

When you’re ready, move back up your body to the pelvis. Place both hands over your vulva and apply the gentlest pressure, moving your hands in small, slow circles. Keep the pressure light until you feel ready to take things further.


Take things further

Position your hand so that you can touch your clitoris and rub it gently between your thumb and finger. Then try stroking the entire length of your clitoris with slow up and down movements; change the speed and pressure to work out what feels good for you.

Use both hands

While one hand takes care of the above, use the other to explore deeper inside yourself. Try reaching one finger two inches inside your vagina and stroke along the front wall… It may take a few moments for this to have any effect, so experiment with speed and pressure until you feel something.

Let your body talk

While you’re exploring yourself, don’t feel bound to lying still. Try pressing your thighs tightly together, to amp up the pressure, or rocking your hips back and forth as you stroke. Tense your muscles, quicken the pace of your breathing and try to let go.

Going it alone

The rest is up to you! These steps aren’t a cookbook recipe for arousal; experiment with different pressures and motions, abandon yourself to your sensations, follow your instincts and go with what feels good. Have fun!

Best Regards,

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Who Has More Sex – Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads

Blondes may have more fun but redheads have more sex, according to new research in Germany.

The study by Hamburg Sex Researcher Professor Dr Werner Habermehl looked at the sex lives of hundreds of German women and compared them with their hair colour.

He said: “The sex lives of women with red hair were clearly more active than those with other hair colour, with more partners and having sex more often than the average. The research shows that the fiery redhead certainly lives up to her reputation.”

He added that women who dyed their hair red from another colour were signalling they were looking for a partner, and added: “Even women in a fixed relationship are letting their partners know they are unhappy if they dye their hair red. They are saying that they are looking for something better.”

Psychologist Christine Baumanns said however that it may not be the women who were to blame for the better sex lives of redheads.

She said: “Red stands for passion and when a man sees a redhead he will think he is dealing with a woman who won’t mess around, and gets straight to the point when it comes to sex.

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Top 10: Female Sex Fantasies

No.10 Domination (her dominating you)

Women love a big strong man who can sweep them off their feet and carry them into the sunset — but you may be surprised to learn that one of the top female sex fantasies is to have that same big strong man begging for sexual release in the bedroom. The entire scenario revolves around you worshipping her body and begging for her attention. Why? She gets to be in control while enjoying total devotion from her man in the process. What more could she want?

No.9 Domination (you dominating her)

The advent of the metrosexual is most commonly blamed for this top 10 female sex fantasy. It seems that modern, independent women actually prefer real men who aren’t afraid to embrace their testosterone. This woman fantasizes about you pinning her down and thrusting her thighs apart with your knee. She wants to feel your fingers snake through her hair and pull her head back; she wants to feel your teeth on her shoulder; she wants to be owned — if only while in the bedroom (after which, she’ll want a clear return to equality). This win-win female sex fantasy scenario allows her to fully indulge her femininity, while still espousing the merits of feminism.

No.8 Teacher/student

You’ll be thrilled to know that the Britney Spears fantasy isn’t just for men: Women love the idea of dressing up like a schoolgirl and parading about for your viewing pleasure. Many would even like to take it a step further, playing the naughty tart who won’t stop teasing you until you pull her over your knee and give her the spanking she craves. That’s right: Loads and loads of grown women fantasize about getting a proper spanking from their man. A spanking from you is exciting for two reasons: Not only does this mild show of dominance hurt so good, but it also usually leads straight into hot, hot sex.

No.7 Sex with a stranger

Most women wouldn’t have the chutzpah to act out this top 10 female sex fantasy, but you’d better believe that most have thoroughly enjoyed thinking about it. No-strings-attached sex is something many women would love to experience, but most are dissuaded from it thanks to a lofty load of self-produced guilt. Nevertheless, her libido definitely gets fired up at the idea of a gorgeous male approaching her in a dark, smoky bar and taking her back to his room for a long, hot night of wild sex. This female sex fantasy appeals to her naughtiest side — the kinky one that rarely sees the light of day.

No.6 Threesome with another woman

These days, it’s fairly common for straight women to get down with other women now and again, making this top 10 female sex fantasy a not-so-unrealistic possibility. That being said, this threesome fantasy rarely involves you getting playtime with the second hottie, as most girlfriends do not want to see their man touch another woman. In this scenario, you’re meant to play voyeur until your woman is ready for something more hardcore. This allows her to experience the best of both worlds without having to worry about things like jealousy or sharing.

No.5 Threesome with two men

This top 10 female sex fantasy involves the woman being worshipped and adored by two gorgeous men. These men are typically heterosexual and, therefore, only interested in the woman — which translates into a whole lot of action for her. Her sex fantasy might be as innocent as being penetrated by one man while performing oral sex on the other or it might go further. This female sex fantasy is the ultimate taboo for many women, which makes it all the more fun to imagine.

No.4 Voyeurism

If you think women don’t enjoy watching other people get it on, you’re completely mistaken. Your woman likes to watch for the same reasons as you do: It’s erotic, exhilarating and slightly taboo. She may fantasize about peeping through the neighbor’s bedroom window, spying on a kinky couple in the park or even catching a full-on orgy from the sidelines. Believe it when we tell you she enjoys “watching” just as much as you do; it allows to her be naughty without getting her hands dirty, so to speak.

No.3 Force fantasies

As mentioned in our common female fantasies article, force fantasies are massively popular among women. Most psychologists believe this top 10 female sex fantasy allows a woman to have the wild, dirty sex she craves, without having to suffer the guilt that often follows. These female sex fantasies usually involve a gorgeous man carrying her off to his bedroom and quickly getting down to business. She’ll protest as he tears her clothing off and expertly arouses her body, but on the inside, she’ll love every minute of it.

No.2 Exhibitionism

She might cringe when you bring up the topic of making homemade porn flicks, but your woman has probably fantasized about doing precisely that at one time or another. Unfortunately, most women are far too body-conscious to experiment with such things, making this a top 10 female sex fantasy, as opposed to a reality. Believe it or not, some women even take this desire to the next level, fantasizing about others watching as you shag her silly in a public place.

No.1 Private dancer

Most women wouldn’t have the nerve to strip in a public setting, but this top 10 female sex fantasy definitely involves taking it all off. She loves the idea of tantalizing you with a striptease, and she’d love to give you a private lap dance. Why? Your enjoyment tells her you find her attractive, and your erection tells her she has control — a potent combination that women simply can’t get enough of.

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The Thinking Woman’s Guide To Threesomes

There was a time when sex with more than one partner at a time was considered a nasty cespool of sticky, patchouli-scented nonsense. Or something girls did with their coke dealers when they were low on cash. Regardless, group sex was not typically thought of as something that intelligent, educated, well-adjusted women of the world willingly did because, ya know, they just wanted to. Obviously, this kind of blatant, judgmental retro-sexualism is tired and sad now. I’m of the belief that we should pack up all antiquated sexual hang-ups, put them in a box with any leftover Adam Sandler DVDs we haven’t destroyed yet, leave them in 2012 for the Mayans, and head into the next Age with heads held high and vaginas unfettered by shame.

If you’re like me, one of your first steps outside the traditional sex realm — either in practice or fantasy — is threesomes! Yay! Threesomes are so magical based on the fact that they’re simultaneously in a completely different league than one-on-one sex (all those extra body parts are a real game-changer), and they’re reasonably attainable for entirely mortal, non-porn stars like you and me. Well, maybe you’re a porn star. But I’m not. And I’ve had threesomes, each of which turned out shockingly well — they were exciting, enlightening, drunk, blurry, electrifying… everything you could want from your first (and maybe only) foray into group sex. And I somehow kept my emotions, self-respect, and friendships fully intact. I know. I’m a goddamn hero among women. Allow me to drop some wisdom on you.

Be the guest star. Part of the reason I’ve found my threesome experiences to be so fulfilling, both vaginally and spiritually, is that I didn’t have that much at stake emotionally. Yes, the others involved were my pals. Yes, if things had become weird between us afterward and we were no longer friends, I would’ve been really disappointed. But I would’ve been “drifting apart from non-lifelong friends” disappointed, not “breaking up with boyfriend” disappointed. I can only imagine, since I’ve been smart / lucky enough to only be the special guest, but I assume it’s way better to be the sexy stranger, with fresh genitals and no emotional baggage, who comes in, passes out orgasms, and promptly floats out in a cool breeze that smells like freedom and inconsequence. The other two get to sit and wallow for a while in the tense, unspoken “what does this mean”-ness of the post-coital moment. Even if they’re truly that kind of liberated couple for whom seeing each other’s wet places grinding on a hot a piece of strange doesn’t tangle up their heart strings, they still have to deal with going back to the monotony of being a twosome. Not you, baby. You’re out of there and onto the next adventure, like not having to compromise on where to eat lunch. Bottom line: when there’s no one around to accuse you of “liking it a little too much,” you are free to like it as much as you want.

Don’t plan it, even if you know it’s coming (heh, “coming”). Even if the pre-threesome, ‘”this is totally gonna happen” tension has been building between you and your favorite friends for many a drunken outing now, I swear to god I will personally come punch you in the tit if you dare say it out loud. Because it will be utterly, irrevocably ruined. Premeditation is what takes a group sex experience from “wild, loving, bohemian expression of youthful willingness to indulge in an utterly beautiful, free moment of a hot, midsummer’s spiritual connection between (probably drunk) friends” to “sadness-scented craigslist ad.”

Don’t have feelings. Except for those that lead to erections and platonic bonding. Get #realtalk with me for a minute: if you have the kind of vajay that likes to slip a promise (cock) ring around every piece it lays under, or if you’re already pining in the heart for one of the slices of bread you’re about to become jelly between, just say no. You know this already, but allow me to be the friend who states the obvious: this will end badly. Scenario A) You bone them, the object of your secret affection doesn’t realize they’re in love with you at the sight of your nipples, and you’re sad. Or scenario B) You bone them, he/she does realize your genitals hold the key to their true romantic happiness, they leave their current girlfriend in a heap of tears and condom wrappers, the two of you are happy for about five minutes until the guilt slowly prods one of you closer and closer to “listen, I can’t do this anymore” and then you are still sad. And probably down two friends.

Do joke about it afterward. If you’re friends with your copulatory cohorts, and you’re all savvy and self-aware enough to have survived The Deed with your relationships intact, then absolutely feel free to talk and joke about it afterward and henceforth forever. Maybe it’s something you let others in your circle know about, or maybe you keep it your fun secret. Either way, allowing embarrassment, guilt, or awkwardness to creep in on the issue as time goes on is a dynamite way to retroactively ruin the experience. You can’t control other people’s level of weirdness, but if you stay lighthearted about it, the whole experience can be made even sweeter and sexier — a threesome can either become that “thing that happened that you don’t ever mention that silently strains your friendships until you just stop calling each other,” or a fun, fond memory the three of you share.

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What You Can Learn about Sex from Older Men

Just as some women eye younger women as competition, some men can’t help wonder if their girlfriends or wives dream of being with an experienced, older man – the Sean Connerys, George Clooneys, and Cary Grants of the world. Some men whose girlfriends or wives have dated older men in the past wonder what those older men had that they might not. Well, wonder no more. Here’s what you can learn about sex and love from older men and the women who have loved them.


1. Get up out of bed. Talk to a woman who’s spent any significant time with an older man and she’ll likely tell you that her ex got out of bed for her. As in, he got out of bed at midnight, after they had sex, to get her a drink of water. Or he went downstairs to investigate a strange sound or to turn off the kitchen light or to adjust the A/C. Should this be the man’s job? Of course not. But many women adore their partner for letting them stay comfortable in their warm and cozy bed while they get up out of bed to do one of these things. And every now and then, a woman may use those extra few minutes to change into something sexy, light some candles or otherwise get ready for sex.


2. Massage her back and/or feet. Once an older man begins to realize that his erection isn’t as reliable as it might have been in his younger days, he may realize that sex is about more than his penis. It’s about touching, waiting, seducing, wondering where the fingers or the mind will travel next. And because sex is often most pleasurable and orgasms are most easy to come by when a woman is relaxed, starting with a massage or a foot rub isn’t a bad way to begin.

3. Take your time.What’s the rush? Linger in bed. Kiss longer. Touch her all over. You have all the time in the world rather than a wham, bam, thank you ma’am. You know how Don Draper and Hank Moody linger, even when they shouldn’t? Learn from these older men.

4. Give and give some more. Older men are often pleasers. Sure, you might think it’s because they’re thrilled to be with a younger woman. However, even older men who date or are married to women their own age tend to be pleasers. After all, they’re experienced enough to know that there are many ways to give a woman an orgasm and that many women are often more satisfied with sex when they have had an orgasm, or when their partner has taken the time to find what makes sex feel good for them. Whether it’s oral sex, finger play, a vibrator or a favorite position, find out what she craves and then give it to her. Many women are pleasers, too, and she’ll likely want to respond in  kind to your generosity.

5. Appreciate her. If there’s one thing that age and experience give a man, it’s a sense of appreciation – especially if he has loved and lost. Having a “one who got away” reminds a man that he should have come home on time more often, he should have danced with her on the kitchen floor even when there was no music playing, or he should have said yes when she asked him to meet her for a mid-day lunch. Women, with age and experience, know this, too. Rather than wait to mess up, learn this lesson early. If you have a chance to express love or connection, take it.

6. Brush your teeth before bed. Young guys get caught rebelling against years of living under their mother’s roof. After all, no one wants to be told time and again to brush their teeth before bed. Or else they spend time cultivating that “just woke up” look (and smell). But seriously, guys. You’ll probably have a better chance of before-bed sex if you don’t smell repulsive. Older men know this and they brush.

7. Embrace the senses. Bodies smell. Sex smells. Sex also has its own tastes and sounds and there’s all this sweatiness that goes on in between bodies. And have I mentioned stray hairs? Don’t worry; you have all this, too. Older men have gotten over this fact and have embraced sex for all it’s worth and the way it fills each of one’s senses.

So there you have it! Seven secrets of good sex culled from age and experience – only you get them a few years early. Make good use of them.
Ashley Sweete


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10 Male Misconceptions About Female Masturbation

I wish I knew the author to give her credit this is funny stuff….(Thanks for sending this in)

Men, bless them. They love to think about us masturbating, at least the way they think we masturbate based on porn they’ve seen. If only they could be a fly on the wall when we’re actually pleasuring ourselves. Everything they thought to be true would be rocked. My average self-love sessions are performed without fanfare. Done with bad breath, messy hair, in my old sweat pants, before bed, when I wake up, am feeling stressed, or sad, or bored, or annoyed, or horny. After the jump, some stupid misconception guys have about the way we masturbate.

1.We stick anything and everything in our vaginas. I once had a guy pick up a sculpture of the Eiffel Tower I have on my bookshelf and ask me if I ever stuck it in my vagina. “Are you kidding me?” I asked. He replied, “If I were a woman, I would be sticking stuff in my vagina constantly.” This activated my germophobia beyond belief. All I could think about was what kind of crazy yeast infection I would get if I put that thing in my vag. If I putanything in my vagina — a finger, a vibrator, a penis — I am extremely concerned with it’s cleanliness.

2. We always do it naked or in sexy lingerie. Men like the way I look naked, I know, but that doesn’t mean I get off on myself. I like my body, but I don’t strip down or put on lingerie to pleasure myself, at least not when diddling alone. I usually have my PJs on considering I tend to get business done before bed to help me fall asleep or when I wake up to help me get my ass up. I’m way too tired, lazy, or un-self-obsessed to take my clothes off.

3. That the mere sight of a d**k gets us off. I love d**ks for sucking, for f**king, for fondling. But I don’t look at d**ks when I masturbate, I usually think of the person attached to the penis or the act associated with it. A disembodied d**k is not the least bit sexy to me. Masturbation, for me, always starts with an erotic thought, not a phantom penis.

4. We masturbate with our girlfriends. This idea kills me. Would I ever call my girlfriends up when I’m horny and ask them to come over for a diddle party? Hell no! Even if I were a lesbian, that wouldn’t happen. Masturbation is private unless I’m doing it in front of a sex partner for fun.

5. We fondle our boobs while we masturbate.  Maybe there are some woman out there who fondle their tits when they touch themselves. But I never have. I am just concentrating on getting the job done. Touching my own boobs doesn’t even remotely excite me.

6. We need to masturbate every day. Our sex drives vary, lady to lady, and depending on phases in our lives. Personally, I’ve gone through periods of time where I do masturbate every day, or even several times a day. I’ve also gone through complete fondling droughts where I wasn’t into diddling myself for weeks. My self-pleasure drive is usually connected to my mental state or my hormones. I get hornier when I’m ovulating and when I have my period. My sex drive plummets when I’m going through any kind of stressful life event.

7. We masturbate looking at pictures/porn of hot guys or hot girls. I know a few women who look at porn when they masturbate. Not me. It’s all in my head. I draw on past sexy experiences or fantasies when I’m doing it. I do look at porn, but not while I’m masturbating. It will turn me on, then I’ll masturbate, usually thinking about something else.

8. We like to look at ourselves in the mirror or stand in front of windows while we do it. A guy once asked me if I masturbated in front of my living room window. I found this to be the most amusing question ever. I realize it was just because he wished he would walk by a window and find a woman masturbating. But no. Never. Watching myself or inviting some random person on the street to watch me does not turn me on. At all.

9. We stick our fingers inside of us. Some of us do, of course, but some of us use vibes or other toys. Some of us just rub something against our clit and never put anything inside. Some of us hump stuff. It depends what mood I’m in or how much energy I have. My fingernails are too sharp for a lot of finger action. I think I would lacerate my labia. No thanks.

10. We think it’s really hot to masturbate in the shower. Men probably believe this because THEY masturbate in the shower.  Actually, standing up is not an awesome position for me. I do have a shower head that I’ve aimed at my vagina before. I was like, Oh, there’s water shooting at my vagina. OK. Then I continued on with my shower. That was it.

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Your Guide To Swinging

Swinging, or “the lifestyle,” is defined as social sex between consenting adults — usually heterosexual couples who swap with others. But before you pack up your condoms and head to the nearest swingers’ club, there are a few things you need to know first.

To start, although most swingers’ clubs allow women in without a partner, that is not typically the case for men. And if there is a “single men allowed” night, you can bet you’re ass that you’ll be surrounded by a hell of a lot more men than women. So if you’re in a relationship with an “up for anything” kind of girl, read on. If not, then better luck next time, dude.

how does swinging work?

Nowadays, there are a bunch of nightclubs in which couples who enjoy the lifestyle head to on the week-ends.

Although this location provides a great “getting to know you” environment, it is not, where the swingers swing. There are different premises for the sex (someone’s home, a camping ground, etc.).

Although certain elite clubs specify that you have to be invited by someone from the club to get in, most swingers’ associations don’t discriminate, and will welcome you with open legs, so don’t fret.

how can you get in?

To begin, I strongly recommend that you do this with a woman with whom you’re seriously involved. When guys show up with “a ticket” (a woman, whether it be an escort, a buddy, or a nympho, who does you the favor of getting you in the door), the community doesn’t like that very much.

As well, make sure that your woman is comfortable with the idea. Of course, the biggest selling point is the fact that neither of you has to do anything with anyone else. A few more reasons why she might like the idea of swinging include:

  • You can recreate that feeling you had when you first met, where both of you are excited and anxious.
  • You will appreciate her more when you notice that other men and women desire her as much as you do.
  • If she’s worried about the way her body looks, assure her that the swinging community tends to overlook body type, size and age.
  • She can dress as sexy as she wants.
  • Both of you can socialize and talk about sex openly with others.

issues to work out

But before the two of you head out, there are issues that you should definitely discuss beforehand. To start, make sure that you and she only say “yes” to certain activities when you mean it.

Some swingers don’t like to watch their partner having sex with other people (called “closed” swinging), while others prefer it (“open” swinging), and yet others may opt for messing around with other swingers but only having sex with their partners (“soft” swinging).

Also keep in mind that you are not obligated to swing (although I’m guessing that you probably want to); about 10% of people don’t swing at all and are only there to hang out (literally) and socialize.

showing up

Before you head out, it’s always a good idea to make reservations. Usually, the host of the party will fill you in on the etiquette and party rules, but there are still a few things you should know beforehand.

Show up together
To start, make sure you arrive with your woman, rather than have her meet you inside on her own time.

Dress with the style
As for the style of dress, it’s very casual and women usually dress up very sexy at the off-premises events (such as dance clubs). On premises, perhaps bringing along a robe, as well as your “easy to remove” clothing would be a good idea. That way, rather than get dressed and undressed over and over again, you can walk around in your robe.

Also, sometimes these events have theme parties, like cowboy night or Hawaiian night, if so, find out what the theme is and follow the trend.

Clean yourself up
I strongly recommend that you shave, shower, brush your teeth, clean your nails, and make sure you’re fresh all around. You never know what to expect, maybe your girl will want to play — with you and others.

we’re in, now what?

So you went to the club and were invited to the off-premises party. Good job, or at least, it might be. Now, here’s what you have to do.

Your best bet would be to make friends. Find another couple you’re comfortable with and have them show you around the next few times you attend.

As well, once you’re in the down and dirty scene, there are some more rules you need to abide by:

Don’t offend people
If a couple approaches you and your woman, don’t look at them in disgust and yell out “No way!” This is a friendly environment, and a simple, “Thanks, but we’re not interested” will do.

Don’t harass other couples
If you and your woman decide to hook up with another couple, and the couple declines your offer, don’t ask, “Why not?” Not only is it considered rude and juvenile, but it also puts the other couple in an awkward position and, worse, they may actually tell you why not.

Form friendships
If you begin engaging in a conversation with another couple who’s interested, don’t focus simply on the partner you plan to bang; your objective is to become friends with the couple , not just the babe.

Have quiet arguments
If you and your woman end up in an argument (you never know what the first time will garner), have your discussion in private, away from the party.

Don’t stare
Don’t open closed doors to bedrooms and the like, and don’t ogle people. It’s considered rude for obvious reasons.

Don’t get drunk
Most parties are BYOB, so I think it’s a good idea not to bring too much liquor with you. While a couple of drinks may help you and your woman loosen up, getting drunk is not a good idea. You will act like a fool, and may end up in situations you’ll regret later.

Use protection
Although some places make it mandatory, others don’t. I recommend that you wear condoms and put them on right. This is not to assume that swingers have STDs, but rather that you’re better off being safe. And use a new condom with each new partner. As well, if you like, you can use a barrier for oral sex.

Stay clean
If you’ve used your hands or fingers on a woman’s anus or vagina, don’t touch anyone else (even yourself) until you’ve washed your hands with an anti-bacterial soap (usually provided by the host).

no man on man

Believe it or not, there is rarely, if ever, man on man sex going on at swingers’ events. Usually, it’s women on women, easily, but there’s no men getting it on with each other. It’s not because the community is homophobic; just the opposite, in fact — it’s simply not part of the culture.

But back to the women I hate to break it to you, but whereas you’re usually the one who’s dying to go to one of these swinger shindigs, it’s usually your girl who’ll get all the attention, not you. But if she’s cool, she’ll hook you up, or at least share.

where to go

And if you’re still keen on the idea and want to find a club near you, check out And if you’d rather swing whilst on vacation instead, then check out

And until next time, forget the chandelier, this is where you should be swinging.

Ashley Sweete


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