Sexy Ways Women Seduce Men

Seduction techniques can often be very subtle and surprisingly simple. In fact a lot of men do not pick up on the ways women seduce them, and often miss out on forming a sexual connection with someone they find deeply attractive.

Women are highly sexual creatures and are driven by lust and desire in similar ways to men. Here are a few ways women seduce men so you can tell if you are onto a winner.

Using their womanly features is a great way to attract a guy. Woman will make the most of their assets and try to make the man she wants to notice her. When talking with women watch their hand and body movements. Does she casually move her hand to her hair, or play with her necklace or neck line of her top? This is one of the ways women seduce men, by encouraging them to look over her body.

Flirting can be done without the women noticing, however if she really is interested in you, she will be well aware of her actions. Touching your leg or arm briefly, hanging on your every word, laughing in all the right places. Catching your eye from across the room, holding your gaze and giving you a smile is a sure way to determine if she is hoping to seduce you.

Playing hard to get is not really a way women seduce men. Read her signals, she will want your attention and will respond quickly and happily to your questions and attention. Occasionally a woman might try to attract a guy by letting them know someone is interested in them. If she lets you know she is not interested, and would like some protection, this is a good sign.

Once you have responded to her advances, she will most likely allow you to feel like a man, and let you finish the hard work she has put in. This is a very sexy way women seduce men, as she will give you permission to take control, showing she is submitting to you. Don’t think this is weakness on her part; it is simply her permitting you the chance to feel like a man in a safe environment.

These are the ways women seduce men, and you might be surprised by how many women around you have been trying to get your attention. Pay attention to women and learn to read the signs.